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The Innovative Acoustic Design Solution You Never Imagined

Wood has long been the material of choice when it comes to theatres, auditoriums, conference centers and cathedrals, thanks to its versatility. Wood walls and ceilings have a natural grace and beauty that can have a modern or classical feel and simple or intricate designs. For aesthetic reasons alone, designers and architects keep returning to […]

Wood Veneers: Truth vs. Myth

Does solid wood furniture turn your head? Do you cringe when you find out something is made with wood veneer? Do you automatically dismiss the idea of wood veneer wallcovering with visions of orange shag carpeting and unsightly dark paneling? The truth about wood veneers might just surprise you. Myth: Wood veneer is a fairly […]

How to Choose the Ideal Wood Species for Your Project?

Humans have been using wood for thousands of years in buildings, furnishings, tools, musical instruments, decorations, wallcoverings, flooring and more. The right wood can bring natural beauty, durability and a warm feel to your environment. How do you choose the right wood for your project? Choosing the right wood is about more than just the […]

Jacaranda: The Best Option to Accent Your Walls

Natural elements continue to be among the hottest design trends for homeowners and interior designers alike. Wood walls in interior design are a consistent favorite thanks to their warm, organic feel and understated elegance. Wood can give your home a rustic, welcoming feel or a sleek, modern look. Either way, you can transform the look […]

Wood Veneers Look Perfect For Every Industry

First impressions count especially when we’re talking about potential clients. What people see when they walk into your brick-and-mortar business can mean the difference between a customer and a one-time visitor. There’s no single rule about how to present your business to attract people. Ideally, however, your interior needs to reflect your brand to get […]

Transform Your Space With Texture

Wall trends come and go, but for years, walls have been fairly simple. For many, painted drywall has reigned supreme. However, modern homeowners and business owners are looking for something a little more personalized. In fact, textured walls have soared in popularity as one of the best ways to highlight the beauty and personality of […]

Notre Dame Cathedral: The Reconstruction

Notre-Dame de Paris is one of France’s most celebrated monuments. Built in the Middle Ages on the ruins of two even older churches, the foundation stone for the Cathedral was laid in 1163 by Pope Alexander III. Over the next century, construction continued as the choir, nave and other critical features were completed. Work was […]

Starbucks Tokyo: Beech Quarter Cut Installation

Starbucks recently unveiled its Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo. This incredible Roastery is the fifth to open globally and offers more than 100 different coffee and tea beverages along with a variety of artisanal food offerings and merchandise. Starbucks originally opened in 1971 in Pike Place Market in Seattle but quickly grew in popularity and […]

Wood Veneers: The 60s are back

Interior design and wood walls have a long history that dates back to the first wooden homes. However, what we are most familiar with as conventional wood paneling first became a hot commodity in mid-century modern homes. Considered quite stylish at the time, the trend was starting to wind down by the 80s. Once the […]

Wood Veneer VS. Solid Wood

Wood has been used in construction for thousands of years. Architects and designers have created numerous ways to use wood in building materials, flooring, furnishing, wallcoverings and more using a wide range of trees, wood types and cuts. While other building materials have come and gone, none has had the continued popularity or sustainability of […]

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