Corporate Projects

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Jacaranda has provided SanFoot real wood veneer wall coverings and panels to some of the most prestigeous Corporate buildings in the United States and around the world.

Some of the Corporations who selected SanFoot for their buildings include:

  • -Sara Lee Corporation, NC- Microsoft Corporation, CA- Disney, CA -L'Oreal, NY- ING, PA- First National Bank,CO- Cox Media ,NV-Dunkin Donuts, MA

SanFoot is installed in thousands of corporate buildings and office complexes throughout the world. From walls and columns to ceilings and receptipn counters. From doors and millwork components to lighting and accents. SanFoot is the most versatile wood solution.

US Steel HQ, PA

Utilizing Fry Reglett reveal moulding, US Steel chose SanFoot for their Pennsylvania Corporate Headquarters wall covering. SanFoot is also featured on doors and adjacent millwork.

American Seating, MI

American Seating has become the world leader by providing innovative solutions. They have taken a lead role in Auditoriums and Performing Arts Centers, hit a home run in Sports Facilities seating, driven innovation in Transportation seating, climbed the corporate ladder with Office seating and systems, and gone to the head of the class with Educational seating. Their products continue to be the benchmark for the industry.

Corporate Office - Denver

Corporate Offices in Denver.

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