Installing SanFoot Wood Veneer

SanFoot is installed by wallcovering contractors using standard wallcovering tools.

Installation Instructions

Installing SanFoot is quick and simple and requires the same tools as installing a typical vinyl wall covering. Because SanFoot is a natural wood product it is important that the pre-installation and installation conditions are met and that the areas to be covered are prepared correctly. To ensure that the installation is problem free it is critical that ALL instructions contained the Installation Instructions are followed precisely.

Installation Help

If you have any questions regarding the installation procedures contained herein, contact your local SanFoot Natural Wood Veneer Wallcovering Distributor or call Jacaranda, Inc. at 800-225-6384 or 305-624-0003. The installation process is critical to the aesthetic appeal and acceptance of SanFoot. Surface preparation, adhesive and primer selection, environment conditions and quality workmanship are the key elements for a successful installation. SanFoot comes from the factory prefinished with urethane sealer and finish.