Mission Statement

“Our mission is to attract and create loyal customers by providing them with a positive experience. This positive experience will include timely, efficient, and professional service to compliment our quality products. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectation and perception of company performance by conveying an attitude of service, with a friendly and professional approach, while providing an exceptional product with concern for protecting our natural environment.”

Tom Whittelsey
CEO & President

Company History

Jacaranda, Inc. has been offering the original “green” building product for more than 40 years: wood. Today we offer extensive lines of wood and wood-based materials for all types of wall, millwork, cabinetry and specialty applications. You will learn more about these in the product pages, including SanFoot and SanPly natural wood veneer sheets which are available in a large variety of species, cuts and configurations. This website has been developed to introduce you to our Environment Friendly® products and how they are used to create exciting and unique interiors. Familiarize yourself with the images of wood species and the surprising palette of colors. Visit our photo gallery and see how SanFoot and SanPly have been used to realize the creative visions of others. The Technical Reference and Specifications/Installation pages will answer many of your questions, or contact us for the nearest distributor, or to have a Jacaranda representative contact you.

In the early 1970’s, our founder Dan Whittelsey, Sr., was working for Exxon when he saw an opportunity to export veneer quality logs out of Central America. This region exported large quantities of “stickwood” – dimensioned lumber – but rarely whole logs. The exotic species Whittelsey offered were exactly what the Japanese company, Hokusan, was looking for. Logs were sent to Japan, and in return, Dan brought Hokusan’s “fancy face” plywood and exotic sheet veneer back to the United States. The success of this venture soon inspired Mr. Whittelsey and the founders of Hokusan to form a partnership in 1984. They named the company Jacaranda – the Brazilian word for Rosewood. Since the first exchange of logs for finished products, Jacaranda and Hokusan have continued to develop materials to maximize the yield of every log. Today, SanFoot and SanPly lead the industry for natural wood veneer sheet products.

Meet the Team

Tom Whittelsey
CEO & President

“I am the second generation of Whittelseys directing the ongoing success of Jacaranda. I share my father’s vision by remaining actively involved in every project all the way from sourcing the materials through delivery and installation”

Mari Whittelsey

“Astute management of the business assets leads to heightened levels of customer service. The well being of our employees and their potential to grow their careers is an integral component to the success of our enterprise”

Tai Scheurer
National Sales Manager Private Label

Tai leads the Jacaranda sales and customer support teams to deliver our world class products and services to Architects, Designers, Contractors and Architectural Millwork clients through our international distribution network.

Ed Feliciano
Jacaranda Sales Specialist

“The unique characteristics of our products requires good technical support to insure the very best of installations. Call me with all of your technical questions. I’ll be sure you get the information you need”

Iran Herrera
Customer Service

“Delivering mission critical information to our clients and asking the questions that get at the root of their opportunities helps us provide the very best customer service experience”

Anthony Riggi
Architectural Products Specialist

“Devoted to support the finest materials that enable and execute a project’s goals and visions. I empower design professionals and owners with knowledge, innovation and my relentless commitment to successful results”

Miriam Rodriguez
Personal Assistant

“Promoting our products in terms of customer needs and their satisfaction and to develop a demand for our products, is an easy and effortless task.”

Max Whittelsey
Warehouse Operations