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Architectural Panels & Reveals Product Details

Architectural Panels

When nothing but Architectural Panels will do, Jacaranda-fabricated SanFoot Architectural Panels provide consistent finish and fast turnaround. Available in a multitude of substrates and edge finishes, SanFoot Architectural Panels can be supplied on Plywood, MDF and other Fire Rated and Non Combustible substrates.

From square edge finishes to profiled and bullnose edge configurations, each SanFoot Architectural Panel carries the surety of Jacaranda premium quality and can be seamlessly integrated with adjacent SanFoot wallcoverings and Architectural Millwork.

SanFoot Architectural Panels are part of a fully integrated Jacaranda turnkey wood solution.


Fry Reglett provides a system of aluminum mouldings and reveals that provide attractive and highly versatile drywall panel systems. By utilizing this system, SanFoot Real Wood Veneer Wall Covering can be applied directly to the drywall finish in the traditional way.

Fry Reglet Moldings provide transitions between planes and between areas of dissimilar materials.

Available in a range of standard anodized and powder coated finishes, the aluminum reveals insure perfect spacing and remain true and straight.

All Fry Reglet reveals and moldings are extruded from aluminum with a minimum of 65% post-consumer recycled content. (Aluminum is one of the most recycled products on earth, with a high-recovery value and a large recycling market).

Reveal Molding

Reveal Molding creates an attractive vertical or horizontal recessed reveal in drywall installations. Reveals can become a design element to enhance building interiors. Reveal widths from 1/8″ to 6″ for choice of design effects.

“V” Reveal Molding

Fry Reglet “V” Reveal Molding creates a V-shaped recessed reveal in gypsum board walls for a softer-appearing alternative to conventional rectangular reveals.

Ceiling & Wall Abutment

Fry Reglet’s “W” Molding provides a reveal at wall/ceiling terminations. Available vented for air flow between room and plenum. Also provides support for many types of ceiling systems.

Reveal Base Molding

Fry Reglet Reveal Base is used at bottom of wall to form an attractive, damage-resistant recessed base.

Corner Moulding

Fry Reglet “X” Molding serves as a corner molding to accentuate right angle termination of drywall. No taping or spackling is needed since 3/16″ flanges conceal and finish edges.

Wood Work

Due to the diverse range of applications, generic specifications for Architectural Panels are cumbersome. Call our specification consultants for help with specifying Fry Reglet Reveals and Architectural Panels and millwork for you project. Our specification consultants will be glad to help you create your unique specification. Contact Us with your specification questions.