Jacaranda Inc.


Veneer Matching

The appearance of SanFoot Architectural Wood Veneer Wallcovering is largely determined by the matching and slicing method.

Book Matching

Consecutive leaves of a veneer flitch have similar grain and figure. This duplication of pattern permits a variety of visual styles, the most popular of which is “Book Matching.” Alternate leaves are turned like the pages of a book and the vertical edges are glued to make a “face.” Book matched faces can be made from flat, quarter and rift cut veneers.

Sequence Matched

These are sets of sheets manufactured from the same veneer flitch and sequentially numbered.

End Matched & Sequenced

Installations requiring lengths longer than standard sizes will require end matching of sequence sets. This offers the greatest possibilities to achieve continuity of color and figure. Sheets are installed sequentially with the first number in the upper left quadrant. The second is rotated 180 degrees and joined at the bottom of the first sheet. The third sheet is installed with the same orientation to the right of the first. The fourth sheet is also rotated 180 degrees and completes the quadrant. Continue this pattern along the wall to the right.