SanFoot Custom Products

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SanFoot Custom Products

SanFoot Custom options provide a diverse range of custom stains and finishes to produce a limitless palette of color combinations and textures. Our chemical scientists create stains to match your requirements.

The addition of translucent veneers delivers options for lighting.

Inlays and Digital Printing heighten the opportunity to add unique elements to any design.

Custom Inlay offers the labor-saving alternative to time-consuming veneer lay-ups. Inlays can be created to represent recurring designs, corporate identity and configurations for designer-coordinated table-top and cabinetry applications. Prefinished SanFoot Custom Inlays can be produced for walls and ceilings while SanPly inlays can be manufactured for custom cabinetry, furniture and consumer products.

Multiple species can be laser cut to provide the most beautiful inlays achievable.

SanFoot Custom Inlay

Digital printing on SanFoot adds unlimited design potential.

SanFoot Custom Digital Print

Custom Stains can be created to match your requirements. In fact, we have created hundreds of unique stains for you to choose from in our quick ship stain program.

SanFoot Custom Stain

SanFoot offers standard Block and Plank patterns and can create any configuration of block and plank sheets from single or multiple species. Add custom stains and the possibilities become endless.

SanFoot Plank