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Product Details


SanPly-3® and SanPly-4® are architectural grade faces made of multiple layers. The result is real wood sheet veneer suitable for the most demanding horizontal and vertical applications.


SanPly3 Diagram

SanPly-3® is a real wood sheet veneer developed for the woodworking, case-goods, O.E.M. manufacturing and the automotive dash industry. Consistent high quality is assured in large run, sequenced sheets made with architectural-grade veneer faces from the same flitch. SanPly-3 is composed of three layers – veneer, glue barrier and paper – for greater flexibility in demanding applications. Versatility is another key feature as SanPly-3 is excellent for use with hot or cold pressing and contact adhesives. SanPly-3 is pre-sanded to 280 grit and comes in oversized sheets for simplified lay-up.


SanPly-4 Diagram

SanPly-4® is similar to SanPly-3® with some important additional features. A fourth layer of foil is added which makes SanPly-4 extremely flexible permitting application to tight radii and curved surfaces while also adding significantly to overall stability – it will not crack or split. The four-layer composition eliminates most of the problems frequently encountered with ordinary wood veneer including bubbling and lifting. SanPly-4 is pre-sanded to 280 grit and comes in oversized sheets for simplified lay-up.

SanPly Species

Available in over 100 species and cuts, SanPly is nature’s palette.

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