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Wood Veneer Species

SanFoot, TransTec & SanPly wood veneer wallcoverings are available in over one hundred domestic, exotic and recon species in a variety of cuts and matching options.

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  • Afrormosia-QC-RT
    Afrormosia, RealTec Quarter Cut
  • Anigre Figured Quarter Cut
  • Anigre, RealTec Figured Bleached Quarter Cut
  • Anigre, RealTec Figured Quarter Cut
  • Ash, Japanese Flat Cut
  • Ash-Japanese-QC
    Ash, Japanese Quarter Cut
  • Ash, Japanese Tamo Burl
  • Ash, White Flat Cut
  • Ash, White Quarter Cut
  • Bamboo-Narrow-Caramel
    Bamboo, Narrow Caramel
  • Bamboo, Narrow/Natural Color
  • Bamboo, Wide/Natural Color
  • Birch, Red Flat Cut
  • Birch, White Flat Cut
  • Brazilian Paduak Flat Cut
  • Bubinga-RC
    Bubinga Rotary Cut
  • Bubinga-Figured-QC-RT
    Bubinga, RealTec Figured Quarter Cut
  • Camphorwood Burl
    Camphorwood Burl
  • Cedar, American QC
    Cedar, American Quarter Cut
  • Cedar, Japanese Quarter Cut
  • Cherry, FC
    Cherry Flat Cut
  • Cherry, QC
    Cherry, Quarter Cut
  • Ebony, Macassar Quarter Cut
  • Eucalyptus Figured Quarter Cut
  • Eucalyptus Plain QC
    Eucalyptus, Plain Quarter Cut
  • Fir, Douglas Quarter Cut
  • Oak-Random-Knotty
    Knotty Oak Reclaimed
  • Lacewood QC
    Lacewood Quarter Cut
  • Lacewood, Bleached Quarter Cut
  • Mahogany, African FC
    Mahogany, African Flat Cut
  • Mahogany, African QC
    Mahogany, African Quarter Cut
  • Makore, Figured QC RT
    Makore, Figured Quarter Cut, RealTec
  • Maple Birdseye Rotary Cut
  • Maple, RealTec Quarter Cut
  • Maple, White Flat Cut
  • Maple, White Quarter Cut
  • Maple, White Rotary Cut
  • Moabi, QC
    Moabi Quarter Cut
  • Oak, Knotty Reclaimed Smoked Match
  • Oak, Red FC
    Oak, Red Flat Cut
  • Oak, Red Rift
    Oak, Red Rift Cut
  • Oak, White Rift Cut
  • Paldao, Figured QC
    Paldao, Figured Quarter Cut
  • Paldao, Plain QC
    Paldao, Plain Quarter Cut
  • Pine, Knotty Flat Cut
  • Plank-Cherry-Maple-Japanese-Ash-FC-QC
    Plank Cherry Maple Japanese Ash, Flat Cut/Quarter Cut
  • Plank Cherry-Oak-Walnut, FC/QC
    Plank Cherry Oak Walnut, Flat Cut/Quarter Cut
  • Recon Angora Plank
  • Recon Ash Quarter Cut
  • Recon Cashmere Plank
  • Recon Charred Plank
  • Recon East Indian Rosewood Quarter Cut
  • Recon Ebony Quarter Cut
  • Recon Ebony Quarter Cut - Red Stain
  • Recon Ebony QC Dark Stain
    Recon Ebony Quarter Cut Dark Stain
  • Recon Frosted Oak Plank
  • Recon Havana
    Recon Havana Plank
  • Recon Milkwood
  • Recon Parisian Oak
    Recon Parisian Oak Plank
  • Recon Ristretto Quarter Cut
  • Recon Tamo Ash
  • Recon Teak QC
    Recon Teak Quarter Cut
  • Recon Umber
    Recon Umber Plank
  • Recon Walnut Herringbone
    Recon Walnut Herringbone
  • Recon Walnut Quarter Cut
  • Sapele, FC
    Sapele Flat Cut
  • Sapele Pommele
    Sapele Pommele
  • Sapele, QC
    Sapele Quarter Cut
  • Sapele, QC RTC
    Sapele, RealTec Quarter Cut
  • Sycamore, RealTec Quarter Cut
  • Teak, FC
    Teak, Flat Cut
  • Teak, QC
    Teak, Quarter Cut
  • Tywood, QC
    Tywood, Quarter Cut
  • Walnut Burl
  • Walnut, QC
    Walnut Quarter Cut
  • Walnut, FC
    Walnut, Flat Cut
  • Walnut, Olive FC
    Walnut, Olive Flat Cut
  • Wenge Quarter Cut
  • Zebrawood, QC
    Zebrawood, Quarter Cut