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This website has been developed to introduce you to our Environment Friendly® products and how they are used to create exciting and unique interiors.


SanFoot is a real wood veneer wallcovering with combined features unlike any other wallcovering.


A reconstructed, real wood veneer manufactured from consistently available wood species and simulates the look of rare burl figures and unique, original designs.


Imagine wood sliced so thin as to allow significant light to pass through.


SanPly-3® and SanPly-4® are architectural grade faces made of multiple layers. The result is real wood sheet veneer suitable for the most demanding horizontal and vertical applications.

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Original Designs

Real Wood
in a New Light

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Consistent, from sheet to sheet, RealTec offers the largest number of figured, sequenced sheet wood veneer in the industry.

Fiddle Back Figure and Sequence

Our Environmental Responsibility

There is a growing concern regarding environmental issues among the architectural and design communities. More and greater efforts are being made to safeguard natural environments for tomorrow’s generations. The use of Jacaranda wood veneer products, such as SanFoot and SanPly, has always offered the advantage of conserving our natural resources.