Specifications & Certifications

ImageSanFoot is a real wood veneer wallcovering with combined features unlike any other wallcovering. SanFoot Natural Wood Veneer Wallcovering is suitable for all residential and commercial applications including hospitality, retail, health care, corporate and transportation interiors.

Installation procedures are similar to vinyl wallcovering and require no specialized tools or processes. To Download the SanFoot Installation instructions, simply select the Format button below:

Installation Instructions

Please read instructions completely before proceeding with installation. If you have any questions regarding installation procedures contained herein, contact your local SanFoot Natural Wood Veneer Wallcovering Distributor or call Jacaranda Inc., at 800-225-6384 or 305-624-0003

Image To Download the Sanfoot Architectural Specification, simply select the button below:

SanFoot Spec

Standard Sheet Size are 3' x 9' and 3' x 10' and sheets can be Custom-cut to Specifications.

Some SanFoot® species are available in RealTec® and FineTec® patterns


Real wood veneer SanFoot is nature's palette available in over 100 species and cuts

Custom Stains, Digital Printing and Custom Inlays provide infinite color and texture variations. Select the button below to learn more about these options.

SanFoot Species

Custom FInishes