Choose Right: Wood Veneer is the Ultimate Option

In Ancient Egypt, wood veneers were used for everything from furnishings to sarcophagi. These thin slices of wood were bonded securely to an underlying layer, creating a material that was not just beautiful but also highly functional. While some might think that veneer is inferior in some ways to solid wood, veneer has some pretty impressive qualities that make it better than solid wood in several distinct ways. Maybe that’s why Interior Design with Wood Veneer has become so popular in recent years.

1. Wood veneer is an environmentally friendly material.

Wood is naturally an environmentally friendly building material. It’s renewable, and responsible forest management ensures a constant, plentiful supply not just for us but for future generations as well. Carefully selecting trees from forests to use for veneer is a little like weeding a garden. By removing some trees, there is less competition for available nutrients and water, and the remaining trees can grow taller, healthier and stronger.

Veneer also makes better use of wood. Whereas timber is cut by the inch, wood veneer is sliced or “peeled,” so it’s more efficient with less wood lost to sawdust. The core is also environmentally friendly. The substrate to which the wood is bonded is often MDF or particle board, which is typically made from recycled wood materials or wood that has cosmetic flaws.

2. Wood veneer is extremely stable.

Solid wood can warp or split over time, but because the veneer is bonded to a strong, stable substrate, it retains its shape and structure over time. Veneer can even be bonded to flexible substrates unlike wood, which is fairly inflexible in nature. The stability of wood veneer makes it an excellent treatment for not just furnishings but also Interior Design with Wood Veneer.

3. Wood veneer is a versatile material with many possible designs and applications.

Wood is a classic material that can add warmth and beauty to a home, office or other building. Wood veneer offers numerous options for Interior Wood Wallcoverings, cabinetry, millwork and more. Not only can it be used in a variety of ways, but it can also be customized with inlays, profile wrapping, stains, custom dyes, decorative designs and more.

Jacaranda has taken wood veneer to the next level with a wide range of veneer products from TransTec, which is so thin that light can pass through it, to FineTec, a luxurious recon wood product that recreates rare burls, unique designs and prized species using consistently available lumber.

At Jacaranda, we craft fine veneer products and Interior Wood Wallcoverings using the finest wood products and finished with impact-resistant polyurethane. Our lines, which include SanFoot, RealTec and more, are made using carefully selected logs that are visually interesting, and we use a variety of cuts to get the most appealing designs. Our patented technique increases the yield of each log by 300 percent while our variety of custom stains and dyes allow you to match any interior seamlessly.

Visit our website today or contact our design team to learn more about how Jacaranda can transform your space.