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Our specialty wood veneer projects range from department stores to airport terminals.

At Jacaranda, we craft fine wood veneers that are suitable for many applications. We are committed to ensuring each of our customers has a positive experience that includes professional service with timely and efficient attention to your needs. Our quality products stand on their own, blending beauty, durability, and convenience in one versatile package. Our […]

Jacaranda wood veneers add a naturally elevated sophistication to any space

Veneers have been used for thousands of years to transform and beautify everyday objects. From the artisans of ancient Egypt to 16th-century furniture makers, veneer has a long history of use in many applications. Designers and artisans today continue using veneer in many ways, including transforming walls, fixtures, molding, furniture, and more. While it looks […]

How wood veneers can add an artistic and decorative element to interiors.

Wood veneers are one of the most versatile interior design materials. Wood veneer is versatile enough to use in just about any aesthetic and space due to its natural beauty, the distinctive characteristics of the wood’s grain, and the virtually endless customization options. With wood veneer, you can amp up the drama and add a […]

Dark Wood Trending in 2023

The world of interior design has been dominated in recent years by cool coastal grays, beachy beiges, and light, airy colors and styles. While Hamptons and Coastal styles have a timeless appeal, we’re already seeing a resurgence of dark wood trending in 2023 along with natural materials, moody earth tones, and environmentally friendly styling. Here’s […]

4 trends to make wood Veneer Feel Modern

Biophilic design is one of the freshest trends to hit interior design in years. The theory behind it is to connect people with nature. Using wood in our work and living spaces accomplishes this goal beautifully, bringing both physical and psychological benefits. Whether you transform your space with wood wallcoverings or simply add a few […]

International World Forrest Day

In 2012, The United Nations General Assembly declared March 21st to be the International Day of Forests. Also known as World Forest Day, this special day marks the celebration of all things “trees,” and we mark it by raising awareness of the importance of trees and forests through a variety of activities and events. Here […]

Why Wood Veneers are More Sustainable than Solid Wood

Wood is a naturally sustainable resource. When managed appropriately and manufactured safely, wood contributes significantly less waste and pollution than metal, plastic, and many other materials. By choosing wood, you can take a step toward reducing your carbon footprint, addressing climate change, and protecting the planet. However, the type of wood you choose matters. Wood […]

2023 Wood Veneer Trends

The design world has long been awash in cool coastal grays and blues and breezy light oaks. As 2023 dawns, however, it brings a new mood with a revival of warmer, deeper tones and rich woods with a sense of moody elegance. Whether you are ready to completely transform your space or simply want to […]

Designers are seeing a reintroduction of warmer, medium, and darker wood tones

Is the trend towards cool and coastal grays finally over? Our spaces are being transformed with the reintroduction of warm, dark wood tones. We’re moving away from open, breezy looks and towards more warmth and comfort. Designers are leaving light blonde woods in the past and embracing deeper tones, with elegant medium and dark woods […]

Real Wood Veneer Application & Installation Hints

SanFoot is a real wood veneer wallcovering that applies easily. Much like a vinyl wallcovering, Jacaranda’s veneer wallcovering can be applied directly to your walls without any intensive preparation or finishing work. Once installed, our real wood veneers are beautiful and ready to use with a durable hard-wearing finish and a rich, attention-getting shine. Here’s […]

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Flexibility in Wood Veneer