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Make a luxurious statement with wood veneer interiors

Wood is one of the most common building materials in the world due to its functionality and eco-friendliness. However, it is also one of the most luxurious decor materials, conveying a feeling of elegance and exclusivity. Wood veneers have a rich history, decorating tombs of ancient Pharaohs, furniture in Pompeii, and intricate marquetry during the […]

Veneer wood offers unique timeless lighting design.

The perfect room design is best showcased with a unique lighting design. The best lighting concepts will unite the architecture of a space using light fixtures that combine specific elements of light, color, and shape to express the distinctive character of a space. At Jacaranda, we use wood to incorporate brilliant design concepts into your […]

Wood veneers can be found in our furniture and throughout our homes

When you think of wood veneer, what do you imagine? This brilliant, versatile material dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who used it to create elaborate designs in the tombs of their pharaohs, but as the years passed, the uses became more extensive and varied with artisans using veneer to craft luxurious furnishings and decor. […]

Environmental awareness is an urgent necessity we support

Climate change has been a hot topic in recent years as extreme weather events increase in frequency and severity. The change in weather patterns has affected crops, increasing food insecurity and conflict. Pollution is soaring, and an estimated two billion children live in dangerously polluted areas, putting their health and lives at risk. Millions lack […]

5 Inspiring Ways to Feature Wood Veneer in Modern Design

Wood veneer is one of the hottest design trends of not just the year but the decade. Designers have been highlighting it everywhere and using this versatile natural material in everything from hotel lobbies and restaurants to offices and residences. The warm feel and environmentally friendly appeal of wood make it ideal for organic design […]

Advantages of using wood veneers as an artistic expression

Function is often a top consideration when it comes to interior design, especially in commercial environments, but aesthetics are typically a close second. Designers often want the look and feel of a space to complement its function. The artistic expression of interior design is about more than mere beauty and instead takes each element to […]

Jacaranda’s SanFoot luxury wall panels have made a mark globally!

Wood has a timeless luxury and a universal appeal, making Jacaranda’s Sanfoot luxury wall panels the ideal choice for nationwide and global luxury retail brands and establishments. At Jacaranda, we have designed SanFoot to be the ultimate wood wallcovering for your space. Unlike conventional wood panels, our SanFoot veneer is designed to be installed directly […]

Wood Veneer For Interior Design

Contrary to popular belief, wood veneer for interior design is a durable material for decorating any area. Interior design goes through various shifts and trends. What’s hot right now might not be hot in a decade, and what was popular five years ago could look dated today. Some materials and design ideas are classics, however, […]

Which Wallcovering is Best for Your Project?

One of the oldest building materials in the world, wood has been used throughout human history for crafting not just structures but also furnishings and decor. Wood veneer is a somewhat younger material but dates back to the time of Ancient Egyptians, who used veneers to decorate the tombs of their pharaohs. They would hand-veneer […]

How to elevate your space with wood veneer

Are you ready to take your retail or corporate space to the next level by using wood veneer for walls? Design trends come and go, but in recent years, we’ve seen an increasing shift towards sustainability and biophilic design. Wood veneer fits well with these eco-friendly style movements with its natural, organic aesthetic and its […]

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Flexibility in Wood Veneer