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Wood Veneer Innovation for Public Spaces

Our cities’ public spaces give us places to gather, celebrate, connect, learn, and live. They are cherished for their role in our lives but also for what they signify. While the design is only one aspect of our public spaces, it is an important part of their functionality and accessibility. A great design can take […]

SanFoot, RealTec, TransTec, FineTec: What’s All of It About?

Jacaranda’s real wood wallcoverings are prized for their versatility and flexibility. They can be used virtually anywhere and in any commercial or residential application, offering lasting durability even in high-traffic areas. SanFoot Jacaranda’s flagship product, SanFoot is a natural wood wallcovering with a one-of-a-kind five-ply construction that ensures maximum practicality. Its thin cut is backed […]

Flexibility in Wood Veneer Webinar

Wood veneering has a distinguished history dating back to ancient Egypt, but this revered art form has come a long way over the years. From decorative tiles and elaborate furniture to environmentally friendly wall coverings and luxurious millwork, veneer is a versatile turnkey solution that can transform any indoor environment. We at Jacaranda, inc. are […]

The Perfect Time to Remodel Your Office is Now

2020 has brought some pretty big changes and some uncertainty. The coronavirus pandemic, which began late in 2019, has rapidly changed not just the way we live but the way we make a living. Although we’ve had to change a lot, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Since many offices are working remotely, businesses can […]

The History of Wood Veneer

At Jacaranda, we are proud to use the latest techniques and technology to craft SanFoot and our other natural wood veneer products. From classic oak to lush mahogany, wood wallcoverings are perennially popular. They never go out of style. By using veneer to craft our SanFoot wallcoverings, we can create products that are not just […]

An Architect’s Guide to Wood Wallcoverings for Corporate Design

For centuries, wood has been a preferred building material. It is easy to obtain, easy to use and affordable. Wood is a carbon sink, absorbing and sequestering carbon, and it is a renewable, sustainable material. When used as a design element, wood creates a calming, soothing environment. One of the most versatile materials out there, […]

Top Five Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Veneer Wallcoverings

Wood veneer wallcoverings are an increasingly popular choice for homes, businesses, and public spaces. Wood veneer lends a luxurious look to interior walls while remaining versatile and flexible enough to use just about anywhere. Because it is made of real wood, it has a warm, natural look and feel that can bring beauty to any […]

Bring Your Office Space to Life with Wood Wallcovering Design

When you think of wood wallcovering, do you think of resplendent mahogany-lined libraries or fresh pine stretching across a woodsy cabin? Wood wallcoverings have been popular for many years, but today, you can find them in more environments than ever before. Jacaranda crafts wallcoverings with the natural beauty of real wood and the convenience and […]

How to Install and Care for Your Wood Veneer?

Installing SanFoot natural wood veneer wallcovering is not that different from installing a regular vinyl wallcovering. However, it is a natural wood product, which means that the area where it will be installed must be prepared precisely to ensure the best results possible. After the wall has been primed and cured as directed, the SanFoot […]

The Guide You’ve Been Waiting for to Understand Jacaranda’s Products

Jacaranda, Inc. offers a wide selection of products in an almost endless number of species, cuts, colors and finishes. Choosing the one for your project can feel like an overwhelming task. What makes each of these products so unique? Which one is the right choice for your space? We can help you decide with our […]

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