Revolutionizing Interiors: Jacaranda and Fry Reglet’s Eco-Friendly, Innovative Lighting and Molding Designs

Fry Reglet Moldings

Jacaranda’s partnership with Fry Reglet ensures access to the sleekest, most modern lighting designs and features. Made from at least 65% post-consumer recycled aluminum, our reveals and moldings combine the best of environmental responsibility, durability, and precision.

Recesses and Reveals

Reveals are recessed areas in drywall installations. We work with Fry Reglet to create brilliant reveals with light features, custom curves, and more. You can incorporate reveals into your interior design scheme along with our fine wood veneer to create accent walls, lighting features, ambient lighting, wall washing, and more. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Unique Lighting Elements

Fry Reglet Reveals can range from just ⅛” to 6” and can be installed horizontally or vertically to enhance the appearance of your interior walls. With Fry Reglet Reveals, you’ll be able to add dimension and eye-catching details using lighting systems and other features. You can choose from a variety of finishes, too, to create the exact look you want, including clear anodized, color anodized, and powder coat. Wallcoverings and reveals are compatible with industry-leading lighting systems with LEDs.

Several LED lighting systems are available, including:

  • RGB
  • RGBW
  • Static white
  • Variable/tunable white

Each LED option uses two-step binning and can be dimmable to 0.1%. LED options also feature 90+ CRI.

Jacaranda’s TransTec can be used in conjunction with Fry Reglet Reveals to create exciting backlighting features and brilliant statement walls.

With Fry Reglet reveals and Jacaranda wood veneer, you’ll be able to shape, sculpt, light, and dramatize your interior walls with seamless transitions and brilliant details.

You can check out some of the countless ways of styling a space in Fry Reglet’s latest Los Angeles showroom, which uses Jacaranda’s SanFoot combined with LED lighting. The real wood, unique five-ply construction, and rare and exotic species combine to create an unparalleled aesthetic.

Eco-Friendly Design Options for a Modern World

Both Fry Reglet and Jacaranda products are Earth-friendly. Our wood veneer is FSC-certified, and we are committed to managing our forests responsibly. We harvest carefully chosen individual trees and replace them as we harvest, and we use plantation-grown trees from common species to reconstruct rare and exotic species. Having patented a special process that enables us to get three times as much veneer from a single log, we work hard to minimize the effects on the environment and take action to further reduce those risks while actively contributing to eco-friendly causes.

The partnership between Fry Reglet and Jacaranda means that you can incorporate innovative designs, breathtaking walls, and brilliant lighting throughout your space. Even better, you’ll use a mere fraction of the natural resources that other products use and save substantially on the cost compared to conventional wall systems. You’ll enjoy precision results at a more budget-friendly price with less work and greater efficiency.

For inquiries and custom specifications, contact us at 1-800-225-6384.