Safety First: Navigating MSDS with Jacaranda – Ensuring Workplace Safety

Technical – MSDS

In the United States, OSHA requires the publication and posting of Material Safety Data Sheets to ensure maximum safety and safe handling. The MSDS lists the potential risks of a given product, including its flammability, potential effects on human health, potentially adverse reactions, handling precautions, and other necessary information. It also provides instructions on how to address exposure and emergencies. Your safety matters to us at Jacaranda, and we’ve prioritized it throughout the design, manufacturing, finishing, and installation processes and offer comprehensive MSDS on every product we offer.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Regulations

The MSDS must be stored in any facility where an item is used. It lists detailed information about potentially hazardous chemicals or materials and commonly used substances. We adhere strictly to OSHA regulations and include MSDS data with all SanFoot products. This information is also available to fire departments and emergency planning officials per the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act.

Purpose of an MSDS

An MSDS offers specific and detailed information regarding specific products or chemicals, including:

  • Identity and use of chemicals and product components
  • Chemical composition
  • Potential safety and health hazards
  • Safe handling
  • Storage and disposal
  • Emergency procedures

These details can ensure workers have access to the information they need to safely handle and manage the product and limit their risk of exposure to potentially dangerous substances. They can also reduce environmental harm by ensuring products are managed and disposed of properly.

Understanding the MSDS

An MSDS is typically kept in a central location to ensure easy accessibility by anyone who needs it. They may also be posted near the locations where the chemicals or products are used. Keeping all MSDSs together will make it easier for anyone who needs that data to access and use it.

The document has a standardized format to cover various aspects, including first aid, accidental release, exposure, toxicology, ecology, firefighting, and regulatory information. Although this information can be quite extensive, it’s not intended for general consumer use but rather for professionals who are using or installing the product.

Jacaranda’s Commitment to Safety

At Jacaranda, we regularly update our MSDS to ensure maximum safety, particularly when we receive new information about items used in the manufacture of our veneer. We guarantee strict adherence to OSHA regulations and ensure all of our products are fully compliant with an MSDS that includes Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Numbers, or CAS numbers, for full compliance. To download a copy of our MSDS, click here. We take your safety seriously and are committed to ensuring our products are safe and fully compliant. Contact us today to learn more.