Environmental / Eco-Friendly

Wood is a naturally eco-friendly material, but here at Jacaranda, we work hard to make it even friendlier to our world and our lives. We have developed various techniques and treatments to ensure that every wood product we manufacture has minimal environmental effects. Our goal is to protect the supply of wood for future generations, and that means we not only take steps to reduce our carbon footprint but work to ensure our products are safe, effective, functional, and beautiful wherever you use them.

Sustainable Choices for Modern Spaces

Jacaranda is proud to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC certification means that we have met the rigorous standards for responsible forestry practices, including conserving water, biodiversity, and ecosystems as well as the well-being of the communities depending on those resources.

We are careful when choosing the trees to use for our wood products. We use old-growth forests and reclaimed lands, opting for aged trees that are being crowded out by young, robust trees. This helps us create healthier forest environments that are more capable of absorbing CO2. We also use plantation-grown trees, seeking trees with a high yield and lower environmental effects.

Our patented process minimizes waste while maximizing yields, further reducing the potential effects on the environment. Each log is sliced incredibly thin using a technique that allows us to get three times as much veneer from a single log compared to more conventional techniques. We then secure the layers to a secure backing, stain the wood, and finish it.

Fire Smart Wood Products

Fire safety is vitally important in our modern world, and when you are building or designing a space, you must evaluate the fire rating of each product you intend to use. Products are rated on a scale of 0 to 100, and any product that receives a rating between 0 and 25 will be considered to have a Class A fire rating.

Class A fire-rated materials have passed the highest fire spread standards, do not burn easily, and are unlikely to contribute to the spread of a fire. They include materials such as gypsum board, fiber cement, brick, and Jacaranda’s real wood veneer.

Cleaner, Safer Interiors

SanFoot is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice and it passes burn tests, but it’s also a smart choice for the interior of your home or commercial property. We’re proud that our products are compliant with the strict standards of the U.S. Green Building Council and are accredited by the Material Analytical Services. Our veneers are VOC-compliant to keep your interior air clean and free from potentially dangerous organic compounds that could affect a building’s occupants. Our products are also free from added formaldehyde.

There’s a reason builders, contractors, and designers around the world consistently choose Jacaranda’s products, including SanFoot, TransTec, and FineTec, in their installations. Our products are safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. The unique multi-layer construction makes the veneer easy to apply in a variety of applications while the substrate keeps the natural wood strong and stable in any condition. Contact Jacaranda today to learn more or to make an appointment with our design team.