Products – FineTec

FineTec is a masterfully designed and manufactured reconstructed real wood veneer product. Jacaranda, Inc. creates FineTec using consistently available wood species, reducing dependence on hard-to-acquire species. With FineTec, we can transform spaces with the look of rare burl figures, exciting original designs, and visually stunning patterns.

What Is Recon Veneer?

A conventional veneer wallcovering is made by shaving slices from logs. The way the log is sliced plays a major role in the look of the final product. Once the wafer-thin layers of wood have been cut, they are treated and bonded to a secure backing. The resulting veneer can then be dyed, finished, and applied as desired.

Reconstructed veneer is a man-made veneer, but it’s still a real wood product. We use logs from fast-growing, plentiful species of trees to ensure sustainability. After slicing the logs into wafer-thin sheets, we dye the slices and bond them together to make blocks of wood.

The resulting “log” is further treated to mimic the colors and patterns of rare or exotic woods using techniques that ensure the desired colors and appearance. Recon veneer is also free from perceived flaws, such as knots, with a remarkable consistency throughout. We then slice the block into sheets of veneer, which is bonded to a secure substrate.

Because recon veneers are made using real wood, they will have some natural variations. This includes grain patterns, colors, and finishes. Compared to other species of wood, however, these variations tend to be minor and enhance rather than detract from the appearance of the finished product. We can also customize each aspect of your FineTec to get the exact look you want.

FineTec Real Wood Veneer

Reconstructed wood veneer makes rare, exotic, and hard-to-acquire species more sustainable and more accessible. With FineTec, we’re able to combine consistent patterns and finishes with unparalleled beauty. You can choose from more than 100 species, including classic ash, elegant ebony, and exquisite zebrawood, with confidence. You’ll be able to get the exact wood you want without the environmental effects of using rare woods, and you won’t need to sacrifice your budget, either. In fact, FineTec is competitively priced and makes it easy for you to transform your space with application procedures similar to that of vinyl wallpaper.

We also offer custom staining and digital printing options, making the possibilities for creativity endless. Check out FineTec today at or contact us to schedule an appointment.