Installing Wood Veneers

SanFoot is a versatile wallcovering solution that can enhance virtually any environment. Jacaranda’s wood veneers are natural wood products that are available in more than 100 species and numerous colors, cuts, and designs to brighten and beautify your space. When installing wood veneers, the right techniques can make a big difference in the results. Here is what you need to know about your new wood veneer wallcovering.

Priming and Pre-Installation

Although installing SanFoot is as simple as installing vinyl wallpaper, you will need to prime your walls and preinstallation conditions must be addressed to ensure proper adherence. At least two days before installation, apply two coats of a high-quality primer to all application surfaces to prevent dry pockets and excessive adhesive absorption into the drywall. Previously painted or primed services need to be lightly sanded and re-primed using only Jacaranda-recommended primers.

Store SanFoot sheets in a clean, low-humidity area according to package directions. About 24 to 48 before application, you can remove the sheets from their packaging to give them time to relax and acclimate. If you are in a drier climate, use a sheet of vinyl to cover the veneer and protect it from excessive drying. Do not place the veneer directly on the floor.

When you are ready to apply the veneer, check the moisture content of the application surface to ensure it is within the 7 to 9 percent range. Use a test strip of veneer before proceeding with the full installation.


When you are ready to install your new SanFoot, arrange the sheets of veneer by number, checking them for scuffs or other signs of damage as you do so. Sequences numbers, flitch numbers, and other designations are listed on the backs of each sheet for easy arranging. Use only Jacaranda-recommended adhesives and apply them at full strength. Whip or stir them to your desired consistency, and then use a standard nap paint roller to apply the adhesive to the back of each veneer sheet. Book the sheets for 10 to 15 minutes before hanging them, which gives them time to tack and reduces the risk of post-installation bubbling. If necessary or desired, you can also apply a layer of adhesive to the wall.

You can apply Jacaranda wood wallcovering on just about any wall surface, including primed drywall, plywood, composites, aluminum, and MDF. Once you apply the sheet to the wall, your job is complete. SanFoot wood veneer sheets come pre-finished with urethane sealers and finishes and require no additional finishing once they are installed.


Proper post-installation care will keep your wood veneer wallcovering looking freshly installed throughout its life. Regular dusting will keep dust and debris under control. Periodically, you might need to clean more thoroughly using a soft brush attachment and vacuum. Walls might also need washing on occasion. Use mild dish detergent diluted in warm water or Murphy’s Oil Soap applied with cellulose sponges to scrub small sections. Rinse thoroughly using clean water and buff dry each section carefully before moving to the next section to prevent a film from fogging the finish. Do not use harsh or ammonia-based cleaners, and clean spills or splashes as soon as they occur whenever possible. Wax is not needed and can build up on the high-gloss surface, but you can use a light oil-based polish if you desire to boost the urethane shine.

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