The United States uses millions of cubic meters of timber in the construction and veneer industries each year. Wood has long been a valuable asset for building and furnishing homes, and it continues to be so today. We use wood not only for framing and building homes but also for floors, trim, molding, furnishings, and decor. Jacaranda, Inc. crafts fine wood veneers that not only add a distinctive element of beauty in any space but also help promote sustainability in our forests.

According to the US Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis Program, the United States has about 823 million acres of forested land and woodlands. That translates to about a third of the United States, and these wooded spaces contain about a trillion cubic feet of wood. As the demand for wood grows, so does our commitment to ensuring productive forests and responsible use.

At Jacaranda, we work hard to not only meet the demand for responsibly sourced wood products but also to preserve our woodlands for future generations. One way we do this is through our support, including financial support, of a variety of organizations and programs that focus on environmental issues. We also have developed a patented technique that allows us to get three times as much wood from each harvested log, enabling us to produce more veneers, reduce waste, and have less of an effect on the environment. In other words, we now need only one tree instead of three trees to produce the same amount of veneer.

We’re also fully committed to choosing wood for our veneers with care and an eye to the future. We choose species based on which species offer the maximum yield while also choosing individual trees that will minimize the environmental effects. While we are proud to practice responsible forest management, carefully selecting from a limited number of harvestable trees, we also choose plantation-grown trees, which allows us to access species that are in plentiful supply to reconstruct and recreate more exotic and rarer species.

When we harvest trees from old-growth forests, we look specifically for older trees, which are often crowded out by robust young and fast-growing trees. Removing these older trees results in a healthier environment for the newest generation of trees and protects future supplies. Reconstructing enhanced species reduces the need to harvest rare and exotic species and ensures a more consistent finish, easy availability, and clear environmental benefits. We use careful techniques and processes to avoid formaldehyde and reduce the risk of harmful effects, ensuring we remain VOC-compliant. We’re proud members of the U.S. Forest Stewardship Council and the U.S. Green Building Council.

At Jacaranda, we craft fine wood veneers without compromising our commitment to sustainability. We offer more than 100 species and a variety of cuts, colors, and designs, to enhance and beautify your space. Our team of design experts can help you explore your numerous custom options and choose the right one for your needs and goals. Contact our offices today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with our team.