Design October

Wood has been the building material of choice for many centuries. The earliest structures were built using wood, and over time, we’ve used wood not only to build but also to decorate our homes, workplaces, and entertainment venues. Wood is a natural material and highly sustainable, and at Jacaranda, we’ve transformed how it’s used and even developed new ways to increase yield and protect supplies for many generations to come. Our SanFoot can help you enjoy your space more fully, and when installed, the benefits might go far beyond the aesthetic.

The Acoustic Benefits of Wood

Wood can either amplify or absorb sound waves, depending on how it’s crafted. This is why wood is so often used to create musical instruments. It’s also often used in a variety of acoustic applications in architecture. Classrooms, theaters, concert halls, and auditoriums all benefit from using wood rather than concrete or steel. The right wood panels can enhance or mitigate the sounds of speech, music, stereos, the sound of impacts, and reverberation.

The Insulating Properties of Wood

Wood is incredibly versatile and works well in both hot and cold climates as well as damp and dry climates. With the right adaptations, it can withstand high wind, heavy snow, and temperature extremes. It’s a natural insulator, which can help maintain the desired indoor temperatures. The right wood can offer as much as 10 times the thermal insulation of masonry and concrete and eliminate the need for an additional thermal barrier under the exterior envelope of a building.

The Sustainability of Wood

Naturally suited for both acoustics and insulation, wood consists of thousands of open cells with tiny air pockets. These air pockets trap air, thereby slowing down heat transfer and reducing thermal conductivity. You’ll feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, potentially reducing your overall energy costs.

Wood is also naturally sustainable. It’s carbon neutral when harvested, and sustainably managed forests mean that we can harvest specific trees while maintaining the overall health of the forest. As a certified member of the Forest Stewardship Council, we take our commitment to the environment seriously. Our goal is to manage the landscape appropriately, avoiding potential damage to the trees, the ecosystems in which the trees grow, and the wildlife that uses the trees for shelter and food. We’re also committed to ensuring our practices are socially and economically beneficial for the communities that live and work in forests.

Wood Veneer for Interior Spaces

Building with wood results in a durable, long-lasting structure with excellent sound and thermal insulation properties. Decorating with wood veneer wallcoverings can take your space to the next level. While it works just about anywhere you install it, our SanFoot wood veneer is especially popular for use in sound-sensitive areas of the home, such as the living room, den, and bedrooms. You can add it to a single wall to create a stunning statement wall or to all the walls for a lush feeling of sophistication and glamor. You can even install it on your ceiling for added sound and thermal insulation or for a greater sense of bringing the outdoors inside. Call us today to find out more.