Trends October

Trends in interior decorating come and go, but some styles and materials are timeless. In the 1980s, for example, homes were often filled with lush, extravagant floral prints and ornate furnishings. Public spaces embraced Memphis design with its simple geometric shapes and brilliant colors creating a Bauhaus feeling.

By the turn of the century, designers had turned away from the over-the-top looks of the ‘80s and were embracing warmer neutrals and muted palettes with beachy beiges, silky creams, and soft taupes. There was a resurgence of interest in MidCentury Modern pieces that continues today. As people grew bored with brown, they began looking for a cooler, more refreshing neutral. Homes and public spaces were filled with a rush of cool grays, crisp white, and airy decor.

While trends are by definition focused on change, many people still look for designs that are both timeless and trendy. They seek to create a space that is both warm and sophisticated, comfortable and sleek, or confident and fashion-forward.

With wood walls, we combine the best of both worlds using carefully curated pieces and warm, sustainable materials. The results are fresh and surprisingly comfortable. Far from the wood-look laminate paneling of previous decades, our wood veneer wallcoverings are carefully crafted to highlight the one-of-a-kind beauty of your space.

We make our wood veneer using wafer-thin layers of wood carefully bonded to a substrate for strength, durability, and flexibility. Our wood veneer can be incorporated virtually anywhere in your space to bring in a natural element and a warmth that welcomes. You can use wood walls alone or in conjunction with paint and wallpaper to create your own desired results. Jacaranda’s SanFoot wood wallcovering is easy to install and works much like a vinyl wallcovering. You’ll need no special products or tools, and you can use it as soon as it is installed without any lengthy waiting or curing periods.

You can use wood wallcovering to highlight a feature wall in a modern space or cover walls and ceilings for a classic, traditional look. Jacaranda even offers custom millwork to take your space from simple to elaborate with turnkey solutions that add depth and warmth.

One of the most popular elements in modern biophilic design, wood recalls a more natural environment. Research indicates that biophilic design, which brings in elements of nature, can positively affect our mental and physical well-being. It could even boost social interactions, resulting in increased productivity and feelings of happiness.

You can incorporate modern wood veneer wallcoverings into your space in a variety of ways to benefit from this timeless-yet-trendy design element. Use floor-to-ceiling ebony veneer to add drama and sophistication or choose a rustic oak veneer to create more depth in a modern space.

Wood veneer is versatile enough to be used anywhere in your space. You can create a stunning statement wall or delineate cozy nooks and workspaces using wood wall coverings. You can even create works of modern art using backlit wood veneer such as TransTec, which is so thin that light passes through it, or laser-cut designs to highlight patterns, prints, or brand logos. Contact Jacaranda, Inc. today to find out more or to speak to a member of our design team.