Seamlessly integrate our wood veneers into any design concept or architectural style with Jacaranda Wood Veneers

Wood veneer wallcoverings are a fantastic way to enhance a space with a touch of sophistication and natural beauty. Wood veneer is made using real wood sliced incredibly thin. Jacaranda then bonds the wood to a strong, flexible substrate, which makes it possible to install the veneer just about anywhere. Our veneers are one-of-a-kind with natural grain patterns, varied cuts, and an incredible selection of species, stains, and more. You can mix, match, and otherwise use wood veneer to elevate any design concept or architectural style.

Choosing Your Wood

With more than 100 species as well as an extensive selection of exotic and recon species, you’ll be spoiled for choice at Jacaranda, Inc! You can choose from ash, oak, maple, bamboo, camphorwood, cherry, ebony, rosewood, and more! Each sheet has its own distinctive grain patterns and unique design, and you can incorporate a variety of matching styles ot achieve the design concepts you want.

The type of wood you choose will have a big effect on the overall look of your space. For example, ebony makes a strong statement and is excellent in bold or dramatic spaces. Warm, rich woods like cherry and mahogany can create a friendly, welcoming feel. For a space that’s a little more formal or professional, consider cool-toned ash, which serves as a clean, sleek backdrop. Oak and maple are versatile woods that can fit into just about any environment.

Grain Patterns and Figures

Grain refers to the way the wood cell fibers are oriented. The figure, on the other hand, refers to the patterns that are formed by the wood grain. Different slicing techniques are used to create unique figures.

You’ll need to consider the grain pattern during installation if you want a seamless look. With SanFoot, our team produces large runs with end-matching capabilities. Each numbered sheet can be applied in a way to repeat the desired pattern and create the look you want. From book-matched to random-matched, your veneer wallcovering can be installed however you want.

We also offer FineTec, which replicates rare burls and patterns. With FineTec, you can access otherwise hard-to-find species with incredible pattern and figure consistency. You’ll be able to achieve exactly the aesthetic you want without cutting too deep into your budget.


If you’ve ever painted a room, you likely know how much of a difference lighting can have on the results. Light can affect the way the wood looks in several ways. When choosing your wood veneer, consider the lighting in the room or space.

Is there ample natural daylight, or does the room largely feature artificial lighting? What type of bulbs do you use? The type and color of lighting can affect the appearance of the wood’s color and tone. In which direction does the light enter the room? This can affect the way the grain patterns and figures appear. Do you want a feature wall or a cozy wood-wrapped space? Feature walls come to life with natural lighting, directional lighting, or well-placed lamps.

Finally, consider how you want to display your new wood veneer to create a completely customized space. Jacaranda’s veneer wallcoverings are designed to be versatile, flexible, and beautiful. You can use our veneers to create brilliant spaces, using TransTec for fixtures and backlit walls, FineTec for luxurious and sophisticated designs, and SanFoot to wrap walls, ceilings, and more with lush, eye-catching wood veneers. Contact us today to learn more.