The Guide You’ve Been Waiting for to Understand Jacaranda’s Products

Jacaranda, Inc. offers a wide selection of products in an almost endless number of species, cuts, colors and finishes. Choosing the one for your project can feel like an overwhelming task. What makes each of these products so unique? Which one is the right choice for your space? We can help you decide with our simple guide to our top products.


SanFoot real wood veneer wallcovering can be used in just about any residential or commercial facility. This real wood veneer is available in more than 100 species and can be dyed, stained or finished to match adjacent wood, millwork, doors or other wood. It has a 5-ply construction for incredible flexibility. It can be applied to walls or columns, curved surfaces, and even corners. It also requires no special tools or procedures for installation.

Thanks to SanFoot’s natural beauty and unparalleled versatility, it has become one of our most popular products. Each sheet is prefinished with a double polyurethane coating for protection and shine. Custom stains and Elite finishes are also available. You can use this veneer anywhere you would use any other wallcovering.


FineTec is a recon real wood product that simulates exotic species, rare burls and original designs and patterns. By reconstructing real wood from consistently available species, we can improve not just availability but also the appearance, consistency of patterns, the finish and even the price.

With FineTec, you can enjoy all the beauty of the finest woods in the world without putting a crimp in your budget or straining the natural resources of rare or exotic species.


TransTec offers some pretty exciting possibilities by bringing more light to your space. This real wood veneer wallcovering is unlike any you have ever seen. TransTec is sliced incredibly thin with a special translucent backing that allows light to pass through it. You can use TransTec to create glowing walls, ceilings, panels, light fixtures and more.

With TransTec, we can transform your space with limitless backlighting options. We can use a wide range of wood species and several types of backers for varying degrees of translucency and flexibility so that you can achieve the exact look you want.


SanPly is an architectural grade face veneer that can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications. This real wood sheet veneer is ideal for woodworking, automotive dashboards, O.E.M. manufacturing, case goods and more. Each SanPly run is made from architectural grade veneer faces using the same flitch. Thanks to large runs and sequenced sheets, you can be confident in consistently high quality.

Our SanPly-3 uses three layers for maximum flexibility in the most demanding applications. You can use SanPly-3 with both hot and cold pressing and contact adhesives, and it is available in oversized sheets as needed. SanPly-4 includes an additional layer that maintains flexibility for application to curved surfaces and tight radii while preserving stability.


RealTec is a sheet wood veneer with consistent figures from sheet to sheet. Jacaranda manufactures RealTec using a proprietary technique to physically alter quarter cut veneer and create a fiddle-back figure that cannot be sanded out. We can even stain or dye it without interfering with its distinctive look.

Before we developed our technique, the log would need to be cut to determine if the fiddleback figure was present. Even if the prized figure was in a specific log, there were no ways to ensure consistency in the pattern or guarantee availability. With our techniques, we can create consistent patterns in a wide range of species and guarantee plentiful availability for all your projects.

About Jacaranda Real Wood Veneer

All Jacaranda wood veneers are made with real wood using eco-friendly techniques and sustainable harvesting. Each sheet is Class A Fire-rated for safety, and our products are VOC-compliant. Jacaranda products are also Responsible Forestry-Certified. We are proud members of the U.S. Green Building Council. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to schedule an appointment with our design team.