Sustainable Sourcing – Wood Veneer

The global demand for lumber skyrocketed in 2021, causing many to take a closer look at where they source their building materials. Here at Jacaranda, we have a longstanding commitment to sustainable sourcing for our wood veneer products. We have taken a multi-pronged approach to reduce wood waste, increase yields, and protect the environment. We have several areas upon which we focus, including responsible forestry management, carefully selected trees, and the use of enhanced species. Keep reading to learn more about how we work to provide you with SanFoot for your diverse projects while ensuring a plentiful supply for generations to come.

Responsible Forest Management

As proud members of the Forest Stewardship Council, Jacaranda has developed a sustainable and responsible forestry management program. Responsible forest management refers to restoring natural ecosystems, reducing potential threats, and managing vegetation to preserve the health of a forest. When we harvest wood, we work to ensure that we are doing so with an eye to the future. Our goal is to have minimal or even no negative effects on the forests we use. This helps nurture a healthy, flourishing forest with a greater diversity of species and clean watersheds.

Careful Tree Selection

Part of responsible forestry management comes in the form of knowing which trees to harvest and when. Unlike many other crops, trees grow slowly. However, thanks to responsible forest management, we have seen a more than 100 percent increase in hardwood tree populations.

Each year, Jacaranda plants more hardwoods than are harvested annually, which protects future supplies for many generations to come. We not only plant trees but also harvest responsibly. This means that in established forests, we harvest carefully chosen individual aged trees to create a more spacious, healthier environment for younger, robust trees that are still growing.

Old-growth forests are not our sole source of trees. We also use plantation-grown trees that have been planted specifically for producing lumber, veneer, and other wood products. These plantation-grown trees often come from plentiful species. However, plantations are also home to species that may be endangered in their native lands. Thanks to tree plantations, we can grow a reliable, sustainable, and plentiful supply of woods that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain.

Enhanced Species

Not all species are readily available, which is why we also grow enhanced species. We can use species that are naturally plentiful and reconstruct, alter, and dye them to mimic rare, exotic, and otherwise hard-to-find species. We can use the same methods to create breathtaking figures, stunning patterns, and brilliant colors that are not found in nature. With enhanced species, we can provide you with environmentally friendly wood veneer sheets for walls from reliably available species featuring remarkable consistency.

About Jacaranda

Jacaranda crafts fine wood veneer sheets for walls. We choose trees based on which will affect the environment the least while producing the highest possible maximum yield and quality of veneers. We have patented a veneer-slicing process that increases the yield of each log by 300 percent. This means that the amount of veneer that once required three trees can now be crafted with just one. To learn more about SanFoot or our other wood products, contact our team and schedule a consultation.